This data release contains all spectra from the two papers about the commissioning cluster NGC 6397.

Provided are all the obtained spectra with a signal-to-noise ratio of five or larger, i.e. 14271 spectra in total.



All the spectra can be downloaded here:

The names of the directories are all formatted according to pointingXX_YYYY-MM-DD, where XX is the number of the pointing as indicated in the image above, followed by the date of the night of observation.


The filenames of the individual spectra have the following format:


Each directory in the archive also contains a file called tellurics.fits, in which the mean telluric absorption spectrum is stored as determined for all observed spectra with a signal-to-noise ratio larger than 50.

FITS Header Keywords

The following header keywords were created during the extraction of the spectra from the data cubes (with examples):

In addition, the following keywords have been copied from the raw data: