The colour magnitude diagram of NGC 3201 and its binary content

This article shows additional visualisations to the publication Giesers et al. 2019. Feel free to use them in your presentations.

Here, the colour magnitude diagram of the core of NGC 3201 (HST/ACS catalogue, Sarajedini+, 2007) is shown.

The binary probability per star can be added (data taken from Giesers et al. 2019)

The colour shows the binary probability:

What happens to the CMD if we change the filter combination?

The difference in colour gets bigger (e.g. red stragglers stick out more):

The period for the sample stars of the well-constrained Keplerian orbits is added:

A zoom to the most interesting results:

This results give insights into the formation of blue stragglers and red stragglers (sub-subgiants):