While searching for radial velocity variations and thus binary stars with our survey of 25 Galactic globular clusters, we came across with one curious star. After analysing the strong radial velocity signal and the observed properties of this star, the binary system appears to be most likely a main-sequence turn-off star orbiting around a detached stellar-mass black hole with at least four times the mass of the sun.

Links to paper and data.

Odd Behaviour of Star Reveals Lonely Black Hole Hiding in Giant Star Cluster
Created: 17 January 2018
ESO press release about our finding of a stellar-mass black hole candidate in the globular cluster NGC 3201:

Full article available on arxiv

Data for radial profiles are available here

The new homepage for the globular cluster survey of the MUSE GTO team is now online!

ESO press release about the new adaptive optics facility for MUSE:

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